Thursday, October 18, 2012


Who is she:
17 years old Art student
Stylist/blogger/artist/graphic designer
Gymnastics assistant & choreographer on the weekends

Why you should know her
She has been styling shoots with clients such as Golly Gosh Boutique since she was 15
She is a contributor to the Vice network and BLEND Magazine
Her blog One Word Five Letters has had 13,429 hits this week alone
She is soon coming out with her own line of t-shirts, printed with her drawings of 
crazy picasso-esque people
Did I mention she's only 17?

I met Aoife one day in lectures. Only a couple of days into art college, I looked down the line of seats and saw sitting alone at the end was a girl with tie-dyed harem pants, layers and layers of vintage shirts and cardigans, a spiked choker and a do-rag on, the tassels coming down the sides of her head braided into two pig-tales that were dip-dyed green at the ends. I'm not going to lie, the first time I saw her I was like 'so this is art college then'. I guess I was expecting everyone to be dressed like that, but to my surprise, the majority of people stuck to the regular t-shirt and hoodie that I saw everywhere else! I loved the fact that Aoife was wearing stuff that definitely stood out and she wasn't trying to hide it at all! I didn't speak to her, however, for another couple of days until friends introduced us. It wasn't until I added Aoife on Facebook and saw the long list of mutual likes we had, from the unusual (eg. Maria Ke Fisherman, Glint Barcelona, Yard 666 etc) to some of my all-time favourite things (Joyrich, Dazed And Confused, GRIIIMES!!!). Yeah, that made it pretty clear that we'd get on juuuust fine.

I wanted to show off Aoife because I just think that with all that she does, from the art to the designs to the blogging and styling, she's pretty inspiring for me to see someone so young doing so much, makes me feel like I'm way behind! Here's a sample of some of her work, a couple of photos that we took on an impromptu visit to the Francis Street car park (note: she did not dress up for this, this is an everyday outfit, and in my opinion, a pretty dressed-down one compared to usual! In my brother's words 'she's fuckin alt!'), as well as a little interview I made up.

Here's a sample of some of AD's work, from her crazy doodles and photo manipulation to the shoots she's styled

You can contact Aoife through her blog One Word Five Letters

Photography by Killian Fallon
Photo editing by Aoife Dunne

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