Friday, October 19, 2012


This is Róisín, and Róisín really REALLY likes vintage clothing. I would never have thought that a teenager would be able to pull off layers of cream lace, I would have definitely thought that it would be only reserved for the 65+ category but she looked so good in it!

I think I just really appreciate anyone who is able to dress in a way that you don't see every day. I like when a person actually thinks about what they like personally and not what other people are telling them is in at the moment.

Cream print jacket - Oxfam Vintage €9
Cream lace cape - ASOS €35
Cream lace dress (worn underneath) - Camden Market £30
Black velvet skirt - She made it herself
Suede wedged boots - Penneys €18
Vivienne Westwood bag - "Borrowed" from her Mum

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