Thursday, November 8, 2012


Charlotte Rutherford's photography, to me, feels like a time-warp. It's unlike anyone else's style that I see today, and the subjects of the photos always seem to be unlike anyone I would see in everyday life. She's one of those people who doesn't seem to be concerned at all with what other people are doing, she has a really unique style and the results are so interesting. The quality of the photos often has a very 60s feel, it reminds me of stills from 'The Virgin Suicides' or 'Cry Baby'. I also love how Charlotte can apply different styles in her work, and the styles can vary so hugely. There's a lot of photographers out there who can take incredible photos and who are well-known and well-paid for what they do, but they just use the same style over and over until it's completely worn out and everyone else starts copying them. I think the fact that Charlotte can do so many different things is really amazing, and not only is she able to do them, but they always work well. Some of her work is really playful and bright, others are sombre and dark, she can shoot fashion, portraits, psychedelic collages, and I think being able to do all those things is really valuable in photography.

I discovered Charlotte Rutherford when I saw her photo of Adam-Peter Hicks, who I featured last week. I love the colours in this photo, and the fact that the photo isn't trying to make the model look like  a chiseled-cheek-bone-clone.

Charlotte's series 'Anti-beauty' (above) is testament to the fact that she doesn't focus on photographing 'the pretty bits', it's about the overall effect

To see more of Charlotte Rutherford's work, you can visit her website, her blog or her Flickr account

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  1. I'm soooo in love with Charlotte's work it's perfection!