Saturday, November 10, 2012


You may not know this about me but I'm pretty much obsessed with this whole Seapunk trend (that I think has actually passed already and I'm probably so-five-minutes-ago but whatever I love it), which is basically a group of DJs called the Seapunk Gang who've started this trend, mainly coming from Chicago, sort of a nu-rave but a thousand years from now and everyones living underwater. It's basically a lot of dolphins, holographic film, and blue and green hair. For some essential Seapunk listening, I recommend Pu666y who I discovered on the Seapunk Gang Blog and who's single 'Gold Bullet' you can download for free on their Facebook page and, of course, Unicorn Kid.

 Tumblr has been a massive source of communication of the whole Seapunk trend and some of the internet celebrities that are most famous today, such as Molly Soda, Clairey Pear and Leopold Duchemin, from France, have been a big part of the spread of the Seapunks. Still don't get it? Check out these interviews and articles on Seapunk which might explain it in a bit more depth: NY Times, Oyster MagSuperSuper Magazine

French arts magazine, Liberation Next, published an editorial campaign featuring Leopold Duchemin and Tumblr co-celeb, Clara Pacotte, dressed in their typical Seapunk style. I love this whole editorial, and I think I would literally wear everything in it (especially the Buffalo boots why are they sold out on every website). I have a particular fascination with holographic foil, but that's for another post. For now, have a look at the editorial, photographed by Timur Celikdag and styled by Leïla Smara 

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