Sunday, December 9, 2012


Last May, after finishing my IB exams and graduating from secondary school, I faced a 5 month summer before I began my first semester at University. I knew that I would not be able to cope with lounging around for that long, it's fun for a week or two but I am not able to just waste nearly half a year without feeling like I've done something with myself, so I went about looking for an internship. Dubai, where I was, had frankly nothing to offer in terms of creative jobs, and even those that do exist do not even begin to compare with those that I had seen coming from the likes of the UK and America.

I decided to aim high and started writing to all my favourite magazines, including Dazed and Confused,  i-D, Wonderland, Love, but unsurprisingly didn't get any response. I don't know what it was but I got this idea that I might be able to work with Gary Card, my all-time favourite artist and designer, but really was not expecting anything. Gary's a london-based set designer and illustrator, and from the work I'd seen, working with the likes of Comme des Garcons, Topman and Lady Gaga, I thought he'd definitely not be interested in hiring an intern just graduated from secondary school. Nevertheless, I googled his contact details but couldn't find them anywhere online. I looked for a full week and eventually pulled the last straw and sent him a message on Facebook. Insanely, he wrote back!

Long story short, fast-forward 3 weeks and 2 short Facebook messages, and I touch-down in London. I rang Gary that day (it was the weirdest thing to be actually speaking to him after seeing his work for so long), and 2 days later meet him on a street in Kent. On our walk to the studio where we were working, Gary casually mentions 'oh well the project we're working on at the moment is a photoshoot. For Vogue. Photographed by Tim Walker.' Queue the jaw-drop.

See the editorial in the December 2012 Issue of British Vogue Magazine (of which I have bought 4)

^^^Photo of me wearing this mask below^^^ 

Photographer: Tim Walker
Set Designer: Gary Card
Stylist: Jacob K
Make Up: Lisa Butler


^^^ I painted nearly all of this one ^^^

^^^Me in Gary's studio^^^

Honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life.

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