Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I'm trying to think of how I would describe the clothes that Aideen Gaynor, a friend of mine from college, makes and the first words that spring to mind are black, futuristic and clean. The only thing stopping me from saying that they're the right words is that they sound so boring (which Aideen is not) so I'm going to throw in sharp, urban and androgynous. Everything is about monochrome and subtle details for Aideen, who at the age of 18 has already completed a course at New York's FIT and interned (twice!) for John Rocha. For her first big project in college, she looked at the idea of straight jackets as fashion pieces, and began developing her own collection inspired by them.

Although Aideen does design with women in mind, when I look at her clothes, I would wear a lot of them myself, and don't think anyone would think I was wearing a woman's outfit if I did. For a recent photoshoot, Aideen created a collection that incorporated a lot of silver leather and mesh material. When she showed me the hoodie on the model below with the silver panels, I thought that if I saw that in a shop, I would pay for it. I even tried it on (and actually waited for her to ask for it back before I wanted to take it off). A lot of the clothes she makes are quite plain and uniform and then each of them has this detail that makes them stand out, like a silver panel or a mesh sleeve, which on something really colourful or over-the-top would be too much but on plain black and grey works really well.

Photography: Erica Coburn
Styling: Aoife Dunne
All tops made by Aideen Gaynor

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