Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I'm currently going through a phase where I refuse to listen to any music except for Alt-J. I only found out about them the other night and, once I heard 'Breezeblocks', I had to download the whole album. It's been on a loop ever since.

Ok I'm going to make up my own genre of music here and call them dark-folk. They're kind of like Mumford and Sons meets Muse with a drunk male version of Diana Vickers singing. It's, like, haunting.

The only difficulty I would have with the band is that sometimes they come off as a tiiiny bit too try-hard-to-be-hipster with whole triangle obsession, they could drop that. Other than that, their lyrics are incredible, with things like 'put the grenade pin in your hand, so you understand who's boss', my love for this band has gone from 0-10 after listening to them only a few times.

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