Saturday, April 27, 2013


Irina Werning is certainly one of my favourite photographers, but when I try to think what makes her better than others, all I can think of is she just is. Originally from Buenos Aires, Werning studied economics in university, going on to do a masters in History, and eventually a masters in photographic journalism in London. I love hearing things like that, because she obviously gave the whole 'safe and reliable income' thing a go, decided it wasn't for her, and went on to pursue a career that was more risky but must have been more fulfilling. It's encouraging. 

The 'Chini' series of photographs, featuring her pet Chinese Crested aren't conceptual at all, they're just fun! I love that, it's like something I would do 50 years from now when my best friends have four legs and I scare away children who walk past my house. Her photos from Peru are amazing. I have such a thing for hair, I always have since I was a child. I love how these are like portraits of women, seen through their hair, as if that is their face, their hair is their identity.

Irina Werning hasn't come out with any new work in a while now, I hope she's still practising, but I keep a link to her website in my bookmarks and check back every few months, just in case.

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