Sunday, April 28, 2013


As part of their 60th Anniversary this year, British street fashion brand Fred Perry sent out 60 of their plain polo shirts to a list of creatives, celebrities and athletes to customise however they liked. From the simplest to most extravagant customizations, each of the shirts featured on the Fred Perry website is unique. Some contributors really went to a lot of effort to wish the brand a happy birthday. Cult magazine Dazed And Confused gave the shirt fluffy pink sleeves and appliquéed their logo on the front of it, Bradley Wiggins simply signed the front of the shirt with a pen, and Fashion Designer Christopher Raeburn even turned his shirt into a little fat bunny!

It reminds me of last year when I went to an exhibition of all the customized New Era snapbacks that were on show in Dubai, each made by a different creative, with the same idea. Each of the shirts will be auctioned off and all proceeds will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, since Amy was a spokesperson for the company, which I think is a really great idea. I love seeing stuff like this because it really shows off how different and unique people can be, and how creative a person can be with such a simple task. I'd love to give it a go myself! I'm always moaning like 'oh I don't have the right materials I don't have the right equipment I don't have the right ideas blah blah blah' but I mean look at Anton Wirjono! He created one of my favourite designs and he did it using black bin bags! I think it's really cool when people use everyday materials and turn it into something totally amazing like that.


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