Saturday, April 13, 2013


Jon Rafman's ongoing photo series '9 eyes' is probably the most mind-blowingly amazing thing I've seen in a long time. His photos are some of the most stunning I've ever seen, probably because I really love the whole idea of not having set up a scene but that it's just organically come together and has this amazing composition without even trying. The photos are better than most 'photographers' (I hate that word because it's what loads of people call themselves when most of the time really it just means you own an iphone and get loads of likes on instagram) could take, and what blows my mind the most about these photos is that THEY WERE ALL SCREEN-CAPPED OFF GOOGLE STREET VIEW. Now I don't know did he figure out where the Google Maps vans were going and like organize so that he could set up all these photos and be there ready for when it passed but considering these photos are from all over the world, I doubt it. Also, with things like the seagulls flying or the Aurora Borealis, you can't coordinate stuff like that, I suspect he just went on this mission, literally searching the earth for these beautiful images which, granted, he didn't even take, but I guess it's that kind of method whereby a lot of artists make art from found objects, and put them in a gallery setting to make them 'art'. Anyway, I think Jon Rafman is the really cool.

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