Saturday, April 20, 2013


"Overcome me sweet oblivion, I am ashamed, Humbled and unstable" , 2011
Stitching, red paint, on vintage stretcher90 × 22 in
228.6 × 55.9 cm

Doing some research online this evening, I came across this image of a piece by Sara Rahbar on the Carbon 12 Gallery website and it blew me away. It's rare to find anything that I find so powerful. I opened the image and saw red blotches on a brown canvas. As I began to realise that the blotches were the world map, and that the canvas that the artist had used was in fact an army stretcher, the impact became so much more intense. The concept which is so simple and not terribly profound was so obvious and in your face, and yet clearly the artist had put a lot of thought into the media that would be used and how the piece would be presented. Anyone who knows me can tell, I am not a conceptual person, I find very conceptual and obscure art very difficult to engage with. This concept is basic. War is bad. People die in the army. War is all over the world.

Simple. Relatable. Innovative. That's what makes it an amazing piece in my eyes.

Sara Rahbar also creates an incredible range of woven flags that also blow me away.

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