Saturday, April 27, 2013


Last summer, while interning with set designer Gary Card, we worked on a project for French paper manufacturer Arjowiggins. The brief was to create a set and series of costumes for a photoshoot to be used in an ad campaign for the company. The designs were inspired by potatoes and evolution, as the Arjowiggins products were made from potato starch, and even though it is a difficult theme to base a creative project on, Gary was able to come up with this incredible result. 

My job was to design the pattern that would be laser-cut onto sheets of Arjowiggins paper. I began by sketching, then developed them with Gary until I had a design he was happy with. I then cut out the designs on A3 sheets, each taking about a day, before the final was decided and sent off to the laser-cutters. I also worked on the white prisms and the geometric wing panels in the second photo. I'm amazed at the result, it's incredible what can be done with paper.

Click here to see the project featured on one of my favourite art blogs 'It's Nice That' and a video about the project. Watch out for me at 1:10 working in the studio!

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