Saturday, May 18, 2013


Created by Penique Productions, a Barcelona based collective of artists, this installation in Sao Paulo's Museum of Image and Sound uses inflatable structures to occupy space with a mass of colour, thus altering the characteristics of the space and giving them a new identity. Sheets are secured within the space and inflated using high-powered fans, particularly over windows, with interesting effects caused by light passing through them, or within confined spaces, giving the impression of confinement, that these structures are bursting from within the building. The addition of a playful and attention grabbing colour such as pink to an otherwise grey or sterile environment is an interesting and fun way of customizing the space, and I love all the folds and pulls that are created in the material as it's manipulated in such an organic way. I also love the simplicity of the idea, there are no adornments to the inflations, they are not decorated or shaped, the way the material reacts is dictated by the space, making the viewer aware of the space and it's shape, and how the installation would look differently if the space were designed differently.

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