Thursday, May 16, 2013


Canadian-born Aaron Moran can't really be defined as a sculptor, or a painter, or a designer. He's kind of just a composer. Taking found objects and pieces of wood, Moran says that his work aims to explore development, antiquity and the myth of progress. It's amazing that he only graduated with a BFA from Canada's University of Art and Design in 2007 (he's only 27!) and already is about to host his second solo exhibition in Vancouver in July, having already taken part in a long list of group exhibitions.

His geometric and angular style is really interesting, and the way he uses old, cracked, broken wood makes it seem like someone living in the 1800s but trying to create very modern and cubist pieces. I love the simplicity of the pieces, creating these pretty basic designs that seem to flow really well, but using all this really natural wood and paint that bears all the marks of experience. It makes me think like where did the wood come from, where has it been, what was it used for, how did it end up here, what made those marks on the paint?

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